[Bug] Blood pools appear but don't grow

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this issue is specific to me or not, as I haven't seen anyone else report it, but I've noticed that since the newest update blood pools will appear below dead bodies but won't grow; they just appear at their smallest size and stay that way, meaning you usually won't see them at all.

Weirdly, there has been a couple times where I stumbled upon a fully formed blood pool with no body or anything, just in random places on the map where it doesn't seem like anyone was recently killed. Again, I don't ever see these fully formed pools below bodies, I only get the tiny un-grown pools below actual kills.

Anyone else having this issue? If not, perhaps a suggested fix? The gore effects are really well done in this game and I'd love to have them working properly again.

Love the game devs! Looking forward to release