Is there an option to cancel fire support?

It's quite frustrating to accidentaly kill half my team because something got in the way of my laser-pointer-binoculars or the edge of the smoke of a smoke grenade clips it and arty support gets called right in front of my position.
Plus people tend to ignore the colored flare and just run into it.

I can already hear the "git gud scrub"...

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You can call an alternate fire support over it if your radioman doesn't do a runner immediately after the callout. Having had some serious close calls, instead of bombing my own position because the target I can clearly see is being obscured by a feint smokey wisp, I switch to smoke artillery and call that in instead as at least it'll prevent us getting blown up.

The centre of the radial menu should switch to "cancel firesupport" when a timer is running instead of requesting a radio.

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