I have been making some tests. I said in another topic that Crossing map is now the most optimized map, and I have almost 20fps higher than other maps now(using Steam fps counter). Good work. Months ago it was the worst performance map.
I notice something strange related to the scope settings and performance. I tested using 4x scope where the situation is more perceived.
I notice that in certain locations on the Crossing map, when I aim down sight, the fps dont drop if the scope setting is on NORMAL, and if scope setting is on picture in picture I lost about 20fps which isnt anything new(normal behavior) but in other locations the fps drops about 10 fps even the scope is on NORMAL!

I tested in Refinary and in Summit maps and the situation is worse. In these maps the fps lost is almost the same either using scope setting in NORMAL or PICTURE IN PICTURE which is about 25-30fps but if the scope is in picture-in-picture I have a greater mouse input lag perceived.

I understand that in picture in picture the game has to render more details so the more fps loss, but in normal mode this is very strange! I think this situation may be related to LOD when zoomed or something like that.

Couldn't the game reduce much more the LOD when you are in ADS as the current version of the game blurs all view outside the scope(in any mode), so anything but the scoped area could have very low LOD?

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