Please revert bots back to last patch

The bot now is just plain dumb and even more aimbot than the last patch, they react slower, shoot inaccurately but sometimes can one-shot you behind the teammate from a mile away. At least last patch bots were more aggressive, they used more tactics like grenade, now I rarely have seen them use Molotov anymore (A lot less), also they used to flank players' position a lot more but now they are just dumb. People complain about bot was too hard but they could just add an option to lower the difficulty, instead, they nerfed their behavior.


Agree, having only 1 bot difficulty means there is either:
a- Problems with performance so they need to lower system strain
b-Problems with time to develop a good coop
c-No gamers/enthusiasts creating the pve mode

a) and b) is definitely present, I hope c) is not, we will see when a) and b) is hopefully solved if c) is a thing. From a pure gameplay perspective, 1 difficulty can only create extremely mediocre gameplay, as you can never have a difficulty both suited for new players and veterans in a fps in the same game session, ending up with a large portion of the community having a too easy or too hard time - This is of course obvious for any gaming enthusiast=)

EDIT: It would though be the best solution until they have time and optimization under control, so I would believe this is what is going on.

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Bots pre-patch were so bad, you couldn't win a game, because they 1 shotted you.
Having bots like this is a bit better and I'm certainly glad they reduced the KOBE grenades, because those were mad irritating.
Hey you wanna play the game? Too fucking bad, molotov in your face. You wanna respawn? Nope... Molly.
Oh look a player, guess what? Yeah molly.
Even now I was in a cover at a point surrounded by two 4 meter walls, no insurgents in sight, but guess what, they managed to throw a molotov right in the 1 meter radius spot.

Maybe an option for choosing bot difficulty? at least in solo play.

There is a bot difficulty slider you can access in solo play or in your own server should you host one. Hit "-" on your numpad, and it will bring up the dev menu. Then you can go to "AI", and change the bot difficulty there. You can also spawn yourself weapons, freeze the AI, test their damage values (is this weapon a 1 shot, 2 shot, 5 shot, etc), and more. Knowing this, you'll encounter different custom servers with different difficulty bots. l believe from testing, in the regular matchmaking games, you may encounter different difficulty bots as well. For example, the bots only lean when on a higher difficulty. If you encounter a bot leaning, you know that specific game has a higher difficulty bot setup. Hope this helps.