Please add an option to disable slide!!!

I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally sprinted into a slide, only to meet my demise. The slide is useful occasionally and I understand its function but it would be nice to have the option to disable it.

I've done the same thing and thought the same thought. But if you think about and trying to go from a full sprint to a dead stop and crouch while carrying a full load of gear, you realize you just can't do it. Your momentum is going to carry you some distance after you start to stop. I just started to manage my sprinting better and problem solved.

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@skillet The thing is that you can currently stop without any problem, either by leting go of spring a millisecond before pressing crouch or by just stopping. So that is not an argument that holds against allowing you to disable slide, or allow its activation to be bound to a separate key to crouch.

Definitely needs a fix at least in Ins2 you could sprint right after but this one it is even more disadvantageous. I honestly only ever do it to get to cover faster.

Just let go of shift/W or aim down sights before crouching. Works every time, but it would still be nice to get a control option for this.

I guess this is a case of what seems an interesting problem with game programming. You could model everything realistically, requiring the user to use the appropriate key combination to execute any possible movement task. Or, you could say, "What do I have to actually think about IRL and what do I do automatically?" If you do it automatically--without conscious effort--IRL, there's probably no sense in modeling it in game. If you have to think about it IRL, then assign it a command that the user must execute with the proper timing.

Maybe it comes down to that when modeling going from a sprint to a standing stop versus a sprint to a crouching stop. One is definitely easier and more natural than the other, but maybe not to the degree it needs a control assignment. I'm fine with the way it is, but wouldn't be at all upset with the removal of the sliding stop from Act of Valor:

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