the tyranid assault boat problem

tyranid assault boats are the cause of a lot of misconceptions

people assume boarding is op
or tentaces can insta hulk
or if they notice assault boats at all that those are bugged

main reason for this is that the usual way of counting ordnance
watching exhausts
doesnt work for them
making them sneak onto unsuspecting ships of people that dont double tap alt making them make horribly misinformed assumptions about nids
and even for people who know they are coming its very hard to see if its a single squadron thats only slightly going to inconvenience them or if its launched from the 7 bay hive ship

assault boats rarely survive especially with their current behavior as they are more aggressive about going after enemy ordnance then interceptors (please remove that, they should dodge a bit slowing down a little but still go for their target, bombers had tailguns in ww2 for that reason and im pretty sure 40k has adopted that wisdom), but in the rare unlucky times they do land it leaves the recipient confused and salty making all kinds of misconceptions about tyranid strength
especially as they can never return, so even if they get insanely lucky and catch and hulk something without getting shot down during their 300 speed approach, means their uses are very limited
its an incradibly variable weapon that ranges from useless to incredibly powerful but always very limited

its not in a good state
neither how it feels (from all the nid players that are left without weapons halfway trough the match to all the enemyes that see their ships hulked but never from what)
or how it looks (no way to count even with extra info on, and without you wont even see them so counting is out of the question)

would be good if they had some exhaust to hint at their approach when not using extra info
and a clearer way to see numbers if you are using extra info
maybe a number in the middle of the icon indicating ordnance type?

would also be useful to have the icon for ordnance type on the launch ordnance button
some people have been getting confused about scythes for example, thinking they could do bombing
would also speed up recognition when playing a faction you dont play often (i regularly have to check tooltip when playing marines)

I agree with everything here. Nid assault boats are amazing when they work. But I had to stop playing Nids cause a few smart counters from the enemy and all of a sudden I have no weapons for the rest of the match... Speaking of, Nid firepower is incredibly weak, my hiveship regularly looses shooting battles to chaos cruisers. Any way, I love the idea of making nid ordnance more apparent on the GUI, probably a good idea to have ordnance show up on the mini map as well, but yeah people who complain about the nid ordnance are complaining about one of the easiest to counter features of the game.

@ashardalon said in the tyranid assault boat problem:

tyranid 30 troop damage assault boats are fair and balanced and work as intended. All we need is bigger icons.

30 is not a possible number, 28 is what you get out of the hive ship costing 350pts that has no other weapons

and the only faction that cant outrun them is necrons who have scythes on every ship and can use pulse to clear all enemy surrounding ordnance
just dont jump into nids because it leaves your scythes behind and it has no benefit
necrons are 100% accurate at 9k while nids need to close the distance

one of the reasons why i dont like the current pulse
used to be an escort clearing weapon that was best used for defensive purposes
clearing ordnance and wiping escorts that where able to out turn a cairn and stay in its undefended back
the damage up and increased cooldown that comes with it has changed its purpose completely and it leaves the necrons pretty vulnerable

but on the other hand if you keep your pulse ready you dont need turrets at all, you can draw the nid player into thinking your defenseless vs ordnance and when he finally launches his limited charges of assault boats instantly clear them with a pulse
the high cooldown still leaves you open to the next wave and if you have two cairns you might be able to stop the second but the third is going to be a hulk
cairn and two scythes keeps you safe from ordnance but weaker vs boarding

the longer cooldown on pulse leaves necrons open to a complicated problem
tho recrewing is still easy enough

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