Nid wtf

So I've started coming across this Nid list that is absolutely broken. Harpy spam. It destroys the game to the point of considering uninstalling and demanding a refund. The solution offered by a nid player when asking what he has issues with is a light cruiser with maxed frigates. I don't know, I'm salty as fuck right now, but fighting wave after wave of harpys and assault boats while nid frigates speed around capping everything while you're turtled in a bubble seems to destroy this game for me. I'm more okay with the Necron Starburst doomball than this because you can actually play the game against that. Any assistance in counterplay/just bring nerf hammer on harpys would be appreciated. Until then, if you can't beat them, join them.

Not only is harpy spam not broken, it's incredibly weak. There are multiple ways to counter this and since the nid player is limited to 3 harpies and 3 brood uses per ship he has to use them amazingly well or loose them. Obviously if you don't try to avoid, kill off, or counter the harpies and broods then you will die, but you can't blame that on anyone but yourself. The easiest (though not the best way) to deal with harpies is just to keep your ships close together, make sure about 1/3 of your fleet has launch bays and use fighters on your own ships. The best way to deal with them is to have the targeted ship run circles around your other ships, and let the combine turrets take em out. Also remember that the brace for impact stance increases turret efficiency making 2-3 ships together pretty much immune to ordinance of any sort.

ignore the harpys, let them hulk you, recrew
killing the harpys is nice if you do, brace helps but not relevant
he has 3 charges on those assault boats, even if you have 0 turrets they will never return unlike bombers
the ships themselves are also not very scary
if you spot their big ones dont go there with your engine lost ships, hunt the escorts, they are pretty trash, no need to ball up, just be in pairs so you can recrew
a silent running LC or two to run around and lightning strike your ships back to health can also help a lot

oh and another thing about nid ordnance
its the slowest in the game
even battleships can outrun nid assault boats if you boost away
this can win you a lot of time you can use to kill harpies without giving them the chance to destroy turrets
atleast as long as you have turrets left this can keep most things away even without brace

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