some problems have found in this version
  • scan skill range increase

identification range is pretty irrelevant
scanning range is very important
scanner skill being identification range made the widowmaker an amazing escort, more then worth the price increase compared to the cobra even if it didnt have the macro
but now all escorts have that range and scanner skill reveals blips as easily as fully stealth ships
this makes the widowmaker a objectively worse escort then the cobra that also costs more points

please reattach scan skill back to identification range somehow, even if you want to keep the increased range for the other escorts its beter to change it to identification range +4.5k then keep it the same for all
or just dont have it have 13.5k on regular escorts, while i have used it to my advantage its not an essential increase that is better kept tide to identification range

on a side note about scanner range, the stat not the skill
tyranids have none and no way to get it
when playing nids vs nids you accidentally run into your opponent, that is the only way you find eachother
while it never worked, the tooltip used to claim order enhanced tyranid scanner range alongside their increased identification range
now the tooltip has changed, so im not sure if that is still planned
if it is not nids have no way to increase scanner range wich they need while they have a stance that increases identification wich they cant possibly use with their weapon ranges

  • hive ship speed increase and slow escorts

it leaves the drone escorts behind
in lore drone escorts where the final defensive line around the hive ship
they where very slow compared to other escorts but that didnt matter because their purpose was to escort the hive ship and keep it safe
drones now cant keep up, leaving them as expensive escorts that are too slow to escort, too slow to cap points, too slow to run ahead and scout (no scanner skill or usable range anyway)
but most importantly they are too slow to escort the hive ship
meanwhile they are also too expensive to ever be able to stay behind on a captured point and be able to defend vs the number of escorts the enemy can bring against you
which is really really sad, nids getting swarmed and killed, bit silly too

  • pricing

not sure how this happened but ship prices seem all kinds of wrong in this beta
ork battleships as cheap as devourers
nid escorts more expensive then marine escorts
widowmaker costing more then cobras
a necron escort costing double an ork escort but unable to win vs one kept at maximum range

it might be a good idea to step back from the points per weapon system mechanic
there is no fleet that uses kustom points
there are definite ships now that should all be looked at and given an appropriate point cost manually
its a lot more work, i understand that, but the points per system system just doesnt work

  • move speed increase and ordnance

ships all go faster now
nice for dodging torps and novas
a problem for bombers and assault boats and even interceptors
even imperial battleships can outrun them for a fairly long time
and with specific ordnance like tyranid assault boats they can basically keep them at their back forever
(also why is all the info removed from the ordnance tooltips?)
tho speeding up ordnance too much might make it a little too hard to comfortably analyse and respond
personally i would approach the solution from both sides
slow ships down a little again and speed ordnance up only a little