COOP : Bots are vibrating (up/down) when they move over little obstacles.

I just played a few rounds Coop since the last patch and wanted to ask if somebody else has also this weird Bot behaviour ?
Whenever they move over little obstacles like stones or little edges they vibrate up and down during that that time for 2-3 seconds or so.

I mean shaky bots and players always were in the game since closed alpha ( whenever they walk and cross the line of sight their moves look shaky or
unsmooth -- only in online games .. the moves are absolutely o.k. in local play )
But now that vibrating thing makes them really look ridiculous and you cannot overlook the jumpy bots who are camouflaged well ( security forces ).

Anyone else observed this ?

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I've not seen it while they move over obstacles I've noticed it while they've moved up or down slopes. They turn into vertical blurry streaks. It's weird as hell.

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