I've played one match so fair against the AI, so I expect some well thought rebuttals but I just want to throw my feel about my initial play as this is the very reason of the feedback beta.

The general main menu is fine, its a little too barren but I expect all the fine polish on menus and such will be touched at the last stages.
So I'm going to talk about the layouts of the Skirmish menus right now, here is a list; some may be nit-picks:

  1. Skirmish Layout. The initial view of the layout feels too much like a 'Overwatch' type of selection where it is all really centred and symmetrical, I just feel slightly unaccustomed to it as the previous game had nice spacing and view of what ships you where going. I feels less user friendly, not in radical why maybe a bit of opinion that the previous colour palette and flavour/style was more appealing.

  2. Need old Dock systems. I miss the 'Dock' menu style where everything was to the left and that feeling of preparing for battle. The current style feels like I am picking for a championship or Starcraft 2, strangely(Might be all the blue).

  3. The battle menu is clunky. From a technical point of view it seems neat that everything is ordered, but the previous all powers to the right system contrasted well with the fleet status' on the left and tactical choices and individual ship status in the centre, it was all grabbing the right amount of attention. Halfway through I forget about the menu almost cause I was distracted by how close I was to the battle.

  4. Camera. It feels like it is in the wrong place, or the wrong angle I can't put my finger on it but the way it is placed makes the whole battle feel closer but the map feels amazingly claustrophobic and unattractive as I cannot zoom or get a sense of scale.

  5. The map. I can't find hazards, I do not know if my ships can hid in clouds anymore- generally it is less polished. Amongst that is i struggled to find the map indicator that was in the last game to show me where things are.(Yes I know: beta)

  6. The speed. The flow of combat was a drudge, The ships even on the enemies side felt like they where in constant slow motion, I felt no sense of urgency when getting flanked cause I could just stop my ship and turn at the speed they where moving.

  7. Chunkiness in the combat. I felt no urgency in combat at all. The ships moved I saw them and then a battle happened. There was no mental or game-play feedback on alot of things happening in that battle. For instance I just sighed when I noticed ships no longer tried to auto-steer away from one another; I lost a ship cause I was elsewhere on the map. Ship afflictions don't feel as visible as they should, neither does the ships condition at a glance. All I know is a have 11/12 guns but not which guns, etc. I sent a probe and saw nothing despite sending it straight down as the came near me; instead they saw me and I had no indication on how the achieved that (was vs. Imperial Fleet).
    The domination style game doesn't suit a where the spots are just empty space; defending check points makes more sense. I am also not a fan of it, I've had little fun with it in other games as well as it simply encourages the same method your trying to avoid which is camping- or really really uneventful battles.
    What I am trying to say is Indications of combat situations or ship conditions are very low key.
    The mini-map is too large, or the blips are. or maybe the map is to small. I don't really know but it feels like a Goldilocks problem here.
    Not a fan of an announcer; to close to PVP arcade style for me and Immediately brings me out of the battle.

  8. Unsatisfying and distant. Near the end of the combat I was on my last ship as my second had crashed into my main while turning and scenically combusted. So one Cairn verse a 2 escorts and a cruisers, I was expecting to feel tense to notice I was outnumbered but the general clunk of the battle just made me capitulate cause I didn't feel like the captain, I didn't get that kick I was looking for. When ships exploded it felt hollow as the new main objective was to hold points... which I'm sure the Eldar will annoying to be be against but alas. Powers are limited and somehow unsuspectingly not interesting, I can somewhat expect limited fighters but only 3? on mile/km long Battleships? It seems the restriction takes me out of that moment of knowing my cooldown is ready to pass and unleash upon my nemesis because I have to use it so sparingly. Again same applies to torpedoes but Necrons don't use them so I personally cannot say other than the restriction feels it is only there to halt spam which was hard enough to do in the first one as it was about 45 second to salvo, and when your in close combat that is not to bad as you can also salvo back as well as pop your other specials so it slows down the combat greatly near the end... Pew pew pew.

That is me done, can't think of anything particular of the top of my head about the battle. Please feel free to ask for clarification as it is a bit ramble-like. I will try to explain my points clearer if you are unsure about them.
Just to say this isn't hate fuelled list. Love the first game so please take this as a disavowal of trolling and disliking the game because its not what I personally want.

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