Space is vast, endless and full of tiny point locations!?

So what is with these horrible point locations? Space is endless and vast, no way would huge fleets cross the interstellar void and then just power, randomly stop and sit in a specific location to take an imaginary location - its a horrible mechanic! Surely a more realistic take and hold objective can be found?? Or bring back straight up skirmish and get rid of these pointless point locations?

I agree some realistic approach be nice. But objectives are exremly important for balance while beeing true to the lore for all races

One thing that they could do would be to place structures, artifacts of other things next to the capture points, meaning that we wouldn't cap empty expances of space, but instead real objectives. Call them "deep space radar towers" "beam emitters" "forts to be re-armed for future use" or whatever.

or better yet just limit take and hold purely to garbage MP maps and be done with it, they seem to crave balance over lore anyways.