Full screen not working. Help!

Hello! I have both the original and current spintires mudrunner with all expansions. Both games run fine when not in full screen mode, but upon switching to full screen are unplayable. I get maybe a frame per second, or less. I have windows 10 up to date, up to date drivers, a xbox 360 controller plugged up in the back. Giving all info possible. single 1080 ti, i7-i7700 Kaby lake, hdmi to Sony 49 inch 4k TV. I think this is an issue with dpi scaling, more specifically the in game cursor, but I cant figure it out. I have tried compatibility options swapping, nvidia control panel options swapping, clean reinstalls with no mods, and a slew of other things posted here. Only spintires does this, all my other games go fullscreen no problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated, I really wanna play this game. Thank you!

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I resolved the issue. Gonna leave this here in case anyone else needs to see. In nvidia Geforce experience, I turned the in game overlay off under settings. Game runs perfectly now, 4k at 60 fps. Spintires is not listed as a game in Geforce experience, maybe some issue there? Idk.