RNG vs. Skillbased/overall play time and control

im a huge fan of 40k and loved the idea of the RTS fleet/ship based play that the first battlefleet came out with. i quickly got this one hearing all the promise from devs and so far love the factions and sub-factions and the bits of customization i can do. then I hopped into battle. This is when i started to notice the dilemma. im near full hp and BAM a crit...ok..lose a little more hp. BAM cant use a CORE mechanic of my ship(or some factions). the morale and troop mechanics tie into this also. Why? Why put so much emphasis on RNG skill-less mechanics? they need to be toned down, they are a great layer of complexity but massivly take away from the thing that makes this game so great, which is the high skill ceiling that maneuvering and out playing enemy ships/fleet are..please if anything put the emphasis on SKILL not RNG.

Secondly id love to see all HP/attack pools larger..let it feel like true 40k with lots of DAKKA...lots of shooting, ramming, out-outmaneuvering, bit longer fights with more potential game-play strategy overall.

that it all thanks 🙂

😑 why do people complain so much before they even understand mechanics
there is no rng in boarding
yes there is a boarding crit chanse, but that doesnt give crits, it just ads 1to3 more crew kills to he boarding action

getting a boarding off is skill and preventing a boarding is skill
you just need to outmaneuver your enemy or block them off from reaching the target they want
sacrifice a disposable (yes guard tactics work in space as well)
you can also press repair to fix or use call to arms as defense

the thing is that just because you dont have a skill doesnt mean something is rng
you just need to get over yourself, learn the mechanic and practice
boarding is simple subtraction, im still amazed people cant grasp the mechanic after its dumbed down this much

and as a last mention
this is a strategy game, not a puzzle game
if things cant go wrong and you dont need a plan b its not strategy
you relied too much on one part or one mechanic of your ship and once you lost it you had no fall back plan
thats a bad strategy, not a problem with the game

There is no rng in morale either, it's totally linear.

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fair enough, but my subject still stands, the crit rng is garbage it literally takes away the skill of the game..like it LITERALLY does.

and yeah its a strategy game exactly, so when i get hit with almost full HP and my engines go or my shields are done..thats not strategy thats RNG. no puzzles anywhere, dont know what you are talking about. things can go wrong but me, the player, want to be in control of counter-measures, not literal random crits that you can only repair once maybe twice its lame and boring. and its not relaying on 1 part, it can be CORE parts. that is a problem with the game. i hear what you are saying, im just saying put less emphasis on it.

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If the entire locked on enemy fleet is shooting your unshielded ship with a subsystem targeted it isn't really rng when it gets critted.

"if your ship has no shields and has every enemy ship shooting it and it has 1/3 hp then crits will happen"...ya dude....but thats not what im talking about. ive had it where im 2/3 full and got crits where it literally disables me from playing the game, if you are a faction that heavily relies are certain core mechanics of your ship/faction you just lose. or it makes the playing experience diminish massively. i dont want to lose control of my ship when it has over half HP..thats just...not fun.

maybe make it so light crits happen after 1/3rds damage. and heavy crits after half damage or something... that would be nice and make more sense

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You can control the situation. Unlucky crits can happen but I've yet to lose a game due to one and I've played a hell of a lot of them by this point. Crits happen as a side effect of your ship taking damage or getting boarded, both things that can be managed and avoided to a degree with good play.

im not disagreeing with you. my main point is that less EMPHASIS should be put on it. and more on raw fighting. thats all im saying in the end.

Is there really that much emphasis? I find that the number of crits averages out pretty fairly and I can expect to get see one after taking x amount of damage which is a consequence of ,well, raw fighting.

well i guess thats where we disagree. i think there is too much on it. other than that i really love everything about the game. maybe id like to see everything last longer? the gameplay for 40k just seems to fast, doW2 hp/attack pools and game-pacing felt like the perfect imagining of 40k to me. maybe im jaded 😞 lol

if you play vs the ai you can keep the entire game slowed down

the suggestion that crits happen depending on hull points makes very little sense
some weapons are for bashing a ship to rubble while others are for sniping systems, disassembling your opponent
the suggestion would remove that distinction, giving all weapons just one stat
and its usually a temporary crit that turns into a permanent crit already

if i shot a gun at a person in a building and that bullet hit the wall odds are i wouldnt hit the person but if that same bullet hit a window the person would be more likely to be hit. everything has weaker points that can randomly be hit there is no other way to quantify that then rng in a game like this imo.

gun crits yes, bit rng
tho you can influence them on both sides
aim raises them
shield cycling makes them impossible
pull back with a ship thats stripped and block it from fire with your other ships until they are back up

and even heavily critted ships can still make the difference if you use them right, was able to ambush a retreating dark eldar with a mechanicus cruiser that only had deck and a single broadside weapon left
even with no engines, making him boost away from my ship was almost the same as ramming him myself
just need to be creative

again. im not disagreeing with you all are saying. In the end what im saying is there be less EMPHASIS on it. id like to see larger hp/attack pools for more potential gameplay strategy. again, i understand that it has to be a factor im just saying that the emphasis on it is too much. for example i jsut played a game where i was 8hp taken...i had a light crit and fire.. 8hp? come on lets up all stats and have more fun

It sounds like an ability or a buff, the chances of that happening off 8 HP natively are insanely small, who were playing and who were they playing?