Constant Texture Load Issues

I made post about this on reddit and there was a few people that were experiencing the same thing so I figured id post it here for visibility just in case NWI can look to fix or advise what may be causing it with our spec / system

Im not sure what change it was or if it was the move to the newer version of UE4 after the Nov 14th update but literally all the time whether i go into the menu by pressing escape or changing player view when spectating but textures are constantly loading and unloading to potato quality.

Video Example -

Come out of Menu or Change Camera or View
alt text

After 5-10 seconds all the textures then load in.
alt text

This is literally happening all the time not just once or at the start. Its really annoying and frustrating and really ruining the great immersion in the game.

Anyone else having this or know of any workarounds? Iv tried a broad combinations of settings from low to high and in between. Have deleted ini files and have reinstalled the game.

System specs are i7-4790K 4Ghz, 16GB DDR3 PC2400 RAM, GTX 1070 G1 OC, Samsung 850 Evo SSD

I experience the same behaviour with 8GB of system ram and 8GB VRam (RX580) on Windows 7.
Try adding


to GameUserSettings.ini. This will help alot according to my own experience, but i'm not sure how this might affect performance on different machines, since i've also had different experiences regarding the texture streaming pool size than other people (high runs worse for me than low).

Yup, experiencing very similar issues here. Also 8GB RAM and VRAM. Sometimes even the weapons don't load in when switching to spectator view.

I just noticed that this texture loading issue seems to be related to the "Low" texture setting. Starting with Medium this is no longer the case.