Space Mariens can't use imerial manouvers in multiplayer and skirmish

I just tried to play the space mariens in multiplayer and I couldn't use any special manouvers like "All ahead full" or the "high energie" turn. I also tried that in skimish, same thing. The boxes are just greyed out and can't be clicked, but still show the infobox.

I have found a similar bug, I the open prologue mission, the battle barge is unable to do high energy turns, but instead attempting to use the high energy turn just turns on the afterburners to increase speed.

Fixed the issues, is was a user error. Enjoying the game more now, Although there are alot of multiplayer games that start with instant victory or loss without gameplay.

Update: This bug seems to be present on all ships which have imperial engines (imperial navy, space marienes, mechanicus, chaos).

🤔 didnt know it could happen to imperial engines
know its an issue with orks and eldar thats been reported a lot of times