compass bug

if used radial talk once,compass will always show ,cannot close it.Bind key not worked too,player must resupply to close the compass again.

How many times did this happen to you ?
Was it on Matchmaking server ? if not, please test it there.
What's your in-game localization set to (language) ?
What is your bind to compass, and radial menu set to ?
What is your radial menu settings at (hold/toggle) ?
Lastly, what command specifically you did use, is it any or specific one ?

This post is deleted!

every time when I use the radial talk(9 of 10 time its happen)
I'm in my community server
game loocalization is Simplified Chinese(this bug was been too long since beta1 also in english)
my compass bind is toggle-G hold-H,raidial menu is middle mouse wheel up
radial menu is toggled
almost any command I used

normally I think the compass maybe close after 1or2 second,but its not