Getting weird flickering outlines on objects after update...

Didn't have this issue before the update but now I'm getting weird flickering outlines on some objects in the game. Here's some pics.. You can see what I mean in the tree on one pic, and on the rocks in the middle on the other pic.. 0_1544238690095_20181207204834_1 (2).jpg 0_1544238694347_20181207181301_1 (2).jpg

That outline is caused by SMAA T2x under specific conditions and is known.

Ok. Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it.

Is there a way I can turn it off for now or do I just need to wait until you guys implement a fix in a future update?

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Under settings > video, quality section > anti-aliasing, you can adjust it to FXAA.

I actually use TAA not SMAA T2x but it's all good. I'll just wait for a future fix. It's not the end of the world just a little annoying.