Game instant choices winner/loser

Ok so I checked and dident see a topic describing this...thing.

The last 5 matches ive been able to play 1. The other 4 ive had 1 where the connection was dropped and the other 3. Those I want to talk about.

The screen loads normally, shows the players on each and then proceeds to showcase our fleets. Normally it would go to the deployment screen then but instead of that it instantly shows a ship saying victory (or defeat) and then goes off to the results screen.

Not to sure what causes this as earlier today I could play matches just fine 😕

Could be people having connection issues, could also be people just dropping when they see your faction.

I’ve had it happen to me a couple of times when people see I’m playing necrons “solar pulse is OP” then they drop.. meh

See people dont even have a chance to see what ships im bringing. The only screen we got is the factions screen and before anyone has a chance to setup the game decides a winner..

Could be a connection issue, I dont know but its weird.