Hey everyone. Today we are releasing another hotfix to address some of the issues from yesterday’s major update. See the full changelog below and enjoy.

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a potential crash due to animations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users with non-english language operating system settings were getting a mixture of English and their operating system language in-game when set to English in Steam.
  • Fixed an issue where ragdolls would no longer perform their ragdoll animations and always consider themselves to have been shot in the head.
  • Fixed bots being forced out of their counter-attack vehicles.
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with suicide bombers.
  • Fixed missing composite LODs for the suicide bomber.
  • Fixed missing physical assets for the suicide bomber.
  • Fixed suicide bomber holding a knife instead of the IED detonator.
  • Fixed an issue with suicide bombers spawning inside counter-attack vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue with loading hints getting scaled incorrectly.

User Experience Improvements

  • Pre-order and submit feedback links in the Main Menu will now open in the Steam overlay instead of an external browser.

Known Issues

  • Minor hitching in some areas of ‘Precinct’ on minimum spec PCs. This will be addressed for launch.
  • Getting killed while vaulting can cause animation issues on respawn.
  • Doors can appear desynced for certain clients after a map change on community servers.
  • Competitive matchmaking has been removed temporarily to improve user flow. It will return before launch.