New kit selection menu is awful.

The old menu I didn't have to use a scroll slider to select all my equipment. It was really nice. The new one isn't.

It's like going from LEGO to DUPLO, everything just got big, clunky and less useful.

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Agreed old UI for kits was way better.

I don't understand? Almost nothing changed? The slider's exactly as I remember it being?

I'm with @pakislav - apart from color changes I don't see anything different?

you guys probably need to state what resolution your using.
I don't think the load out menu scales at all, so if your playing at less than 1080p it would be bad.
If your playing at 1440p you probably love it.

Nope. Still having to scroll through stuff at 1440p. (to get down to the gasmask, and getting a laser sight on the rifles)
Having to scroll while at the same time only using a third or so of the screen is dumb a.f. seriously.
New design: ok, I like. Making everything as big as Mobile game buttons: no!
Or can you scale it? Haven't checked.

It would be nice to scale things so there's no need to scroll or minimize scrolling. Otherwise it works well, it's clear, you can save&delete presets, so it's all good in my opinion.

Well about the new UI it doesn't really that bad, but an option to Remove all the item equiped with a single click will help A LOT..

I agree with the OP. Even at "ordinary" resolutions i should be able to see all the elements, but now they've gotten even bigger with more spacing in between. So even at 1440p i have to scroll without it having any positive impact (like better overview) on usability.

Example screenshot of the loadout menu in 1440p - a proper waste of space...

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