Scope is unbalanced!

Picture in picture scope is harder to use than in normal mode! The difference between both modes is huge enough to make the game unbalanced If players can mix bouth modes in online gameplay.
Only way I see to make things more balance is to blurry the nomal mode yet more. Normal is not blurry enough to equalize the gameplay!

As the pic-in-pic scope is also very blurry(is that a bug?), I think the game LOD could be diminished more in non scoped areas to make performance yet greater if that's possible,but that's just an idea! The overall performance is the best till now, I can't complain.

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I agree they should be relatively balanced, but since the single-render scope is much better for performance, it should be the "better" scope. That said, the ease-of-use advantage (by this I assume you mean more intuitive tracking of targets in your peripheral vision) provided by the single-zoom scope is (at least partially) balanced by the tunnel vision it gives you. Removing blur from the double scope should help make them balanced, but IMO blur should never be forced on the player.

@cyoce The blur is the DoF but yeah, I'm not a fan of it either. DoF is nice, but only when it's functional.

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