Hey everyone. Today we are releasing a hotfix to address some of the issues from yesterday’s major update. See the full changelog below and enjoy.

New Content

  • Improved suicide bomber model.
  • Added Summit back to the list of available matchmaking maps.

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a potential animation related crash.
  • Fixed a potential crash caused by deploying bipods on surfaces.
  • Fixed a potential crash when weapons are equipped.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the suicide bomber in Checkpoint would be invisible.
  • Fixed multiple UI elements that would overflow in languages other than English.
  • Fixed an issue where objective letters were sometimes mis-translated in languages other than English.
  • Fixed an issue with loading screen hint alignment.
  • Fixed an issue with the Customize menu where clicking on a cosmetic variation made it disappear.
  • Fixed an issue with the Gunship call in sequence in the Tutorial Level.

Map Balance & Fixes

  • Hideout
    • Adjusted restricted area for objective F on Checkpoint Insurgents.
  • Farmhouse
    • Removed spawning positions near Checkpoint Insurgents vehicle insertion point.
  • Crossing
    • Moved several supply crates and objective weapon caches to fix collisions with nearby objects.
  • Summit
    • Fixed lighting issues on foliage.

Known Issues

  • Minor hitching in some areas of ‘Precinct’ on minimum spec PC’s, will be addressed for launch.
  • Players with an operating system language other than English who also run the game in English will experience issues where only parts of the game are translated. We will be releasing another small hotfix soon to address this.
  • Getting killed while vaulting can cause animation issues on respawn.
  • Doors can appear desynced for certain clients after a map change on community servers.
  • Competitive matchmaking has been removed temporarily to improve user flow. It will return before launch.
  • The suicide bomber will occasionally spawn with multiple overlapping cosmetics.
  • Certain loading screen hints may be scaled incorrectly.