Strange Changes (Autocast, repair)

Is there a reason we can’t auto cast boarding actions anymore? If we are going to have more ships and can’t use Tac Cog in multiplayer.......why not allow autocast for boarding????

On the same note, the repair function no longer restores HP to ships. It just fixes damaged components.


I agree with the autocast boarding but the repair hull damage thing I don’t mind too much, it also makes necrons have a slight niche as you can run away and hide in a nebula to get HP back if needed

Necrons would still keep their niche since they are always repairing and only have to worry about damaged components.

I haven’t heard a single complaint from the first game even of anyone having a problem with every race being able to fix/heal their ships so I find it strange that it should be removed.

It was announced very early on that the hp restoration from repair party was being removed, and I don't have an issue with it, the much larger hp pools and generally slower game pace mean I feel less of a burning need to heal ships in most cases.

Auto-cast boarding wouldn't be too bad to bring back I suppose.

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