Tyranids one shot whole crew on ship( found proof of bug)

Multiple fights against nids,they shoot 1 green thingy, upon connection with my ship it immideatly drops from whole crew to drifting husk with 0 crew.Is this working as intended? It cant be.

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I agree this is hugely over powered at the moment.

@edwarddod Its not overpowered it is bug.

@lenin its not a bug - the tyranid boarding action is mega over powered, it is meant to do this much troop damage, see the screenshot below, is shows that it would wipe out a standard battleship crew.0_1544199254874_Inked20181207161139_1_LI.jpg

I hope it realy not intended because otherwise development team are just bad at balancing. Like no jokes this cant be decribed any words but dev team fck up. QA have to be drunk to pass this.

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@edwarddod 18 is not overpowered and clearly shows what is happening is a bug
a mechanicus cruiser (mechanicus being the worst at crew numbers) has 9 troops per chunk
so 18 troop damage would get them in the red with one boarding but not hulk
that means a nid ship (wich dont have lightning strike and only 3 boarding charges) need to use two boardings out of tree to empty the weakest ship of relevant size
total troop damage needed to clear that ship instantly is 27 which you can see not even the nid titan would do
so nids are actually slightly underpowered in boarding since they have a low number of charges to do (lacking lightning strikes other factions have) it and their epic ship, their equivalent of a gloriana, cant empty a cruiser of the weakest anti boarding faction in one go

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@ashardalon I may be wrong but I thought that an emperor class battleship for example only had 18 troops total - see the screenshot below


@edwarddod said in Tyranids one shot whole crew on ship:

@ashardalon I may be wrong but I thought that an emperor class battleship for example only had 18 troops total - see the screenshot below


Its 18 per chunk. so 54 in total.

Nids also have the tentacle thingy though so while they dont get lightning strikes they got something better (imho) although it replaces other potential weapons shrugs

The tentacles can also be used to pull ships towards you though and even some escorts can have them. So missing out on lightning strike is not much of an issue id say.

Range seems to be pretty respectable as well. Tooltip doesent say it but roughly 9 km id say?

I have had my IN Battleship hulked instantly by a Tyranid Cruiser. I'm not sure, but there is certainly something wrong about this - at first I thought it's eh, since Tyranids have to get close and to this point I only had this happen with at least multiple ships around, but I lost a 2v2 today because the remaining Tyranid cruiser just deleted my crew. I don't think this should be the case, since they're supposedly weak alone.

yes its 18 per chunk so you need 3 boarding actions with a devourer or hive ship to clear a emperor

7.5k range im pretty sure
and tentacle looks more impressive then it is, tho the hook tentacle is damn good
tentacle is 6 troop damage over 18seconds at a rate of 1 per 3seconds

Yeah I sure hope its a bug other wise it is widely overpowered, hopefully will be well and truly fixed by release.

I think we all can agree that this is indeed a mayor bug. As soon as the first or second chunk drops to 0 the game somehow treats that as full crew death. Strangely this seems to only apply to the Tyranids as I have yet encountered it with any other faction.

So yeah deal is not with boarding action of tyranids but with their boarding crafts(brood squadron in weapon section).
So in pic one im launching boarding crafts after this small necron ship.

15 seconds later BOOM insta death of whole 33 necron troops on this ship. Rest in peperonies.


Now this little tau ship:
picture number 1-craft is launched, you can see it almos connected
BOOM. 27 tau troops got insta rekt. Go back to BFA 1 with your op guns its nid meta here.

So yeah... Devs wanna say something about this?

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Each bomber craft is carrying a full contingent of troops. so if your turrets/fighters aren't screening how the hell do you think your troops will handle an invasion of elite bursting out of the wall aliens?

Does seem a bit strong currently, offset by how squishy tyranids are.

Doesn't appear to be a bug however, requires a full hit of at least 6 squadrons to hulk a BC

Just tested it against AI, and bio tentacle hiveship kills about 15 troops per use with its squadrons of these brood stuff. So not sure whats up with your screenshot. Haven't noticed anything like that when i played as or against tyranids in MP too. (Though tyrnaid boarding squqadrons are invisible for me so it would be hard to notice).

@bersercker they have limited HP so they can be easily shot down without you even noticing. Try to launch em from point blank with "hold your fire" on.

@bersercker double tap alt for extra info
so you can see icon for what ordnance it is and hp of incoming squads
doesnt represent numbers tho, that would be a nice addition
would be really helpful if nid assault boats had some form of exhaust for easier counting without extra info like other factions ordnance has

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Yeah, as with others, I've had the tongue basically wipe out enemy ships in seconds (As of Sunday it was still happening). Regardless of what's doing it, and how many times we try to dance around it, taking someone's flagship out of the running in the opening seconds of combat seems like really, really shouldn't be happening.