A list of issues: Bugs and Balancing

I will try to be as clear as possible with the following list. Its split into two sections: Bugs and Balancing (or General). With this list I will provide some questions for the developers to consider if they find them to be relevant in continuing their work on the game for future release. Let's help Tindalos make BFG2 the best it can be!


  • Tau Protector Fleet is bugged - when using a Custodian with its Gravitic Hooks, it brings in 3 Wardens. Those Wardens seem to be saved into your fleet build thus increase the cost of the fleet to over 1200. Hence in the next battle I would have 3 Wardens + 3 more from the Custodians Gravitic Hooks. In essence, the free escorts carry over from battle to battle. Is this supposed to work this way?
  • UI tooltips for firing arcs are either unclear or don't reflect weapon arcs. E.G. Necron Scythe Harvester Cruiser. It says on the tooltip 180 front/side, yet in actuality they only fire to the side.


  • The developers have discussed in their stream that they would like to increase the size of battles, hence the increase to 1200 points. However, it seems that several factions and a number of ships have also had their cost increase to the point where fleet builds now don't seem to be much different in size compared to BFG1. E.G. a common Eldar build in BFG1 was Voidstalker + 2 Eclipses. In BFG2 you can take the same ships + 1 escort. Is this what Tindalos intended? Could ships be better balanced in their cost so that battles are truly larger?
  • There seems to be a disparity between large ships and small-medium ships. BSs and GCs seem to overshadow most ships of lower classes even though Cs, BCs, and LCs seem to have more specialization on a cheaper chassis. Would it make sense to rebalance point costs or introduce numerical class limitations so that BSs and GCs are not always the most dominant? What would be an effective way to entice players to employ Cs, LCs, and BCs as their workhorses in support of their larger ships?
  • The current system or balance of victory points in battles does not seem to be as beneficial or effective enough as killing the enemy outright. It seems that the Time to Kill versus capping all points is lower. Moreover a lot of abilities that focus on killing ships (Nova Cannons and etc.) help increase the incentive to target enemy ships rather than go for points capping. Is there a way to entice the player and various players to either go after enemy ships but still consider victory points?

To the balancing points:

Size of battles: 100 % agree here

BS and BC heavy fleets in general fewer ships are easier to play. I think as the game is so new most people still go for them because they need a easy start out. As they get better they will learn to controll more ships and thus automatically will learn to value cruisers. More ships = > more map control => victory. Actually escorts are the most powerfull ships but you need hell of a lot of skill to controll them. No need to tweak balance imo.

Killing the enemy outright is only easy and quick against new players. It's the same as point 2. It all comes down to lacking experience due to players beeing completly new to the game. I always play for both and most of my games are decided around the objectives in the end.

Gotta disagree with the last point here. Often I find going after points is the only way to counter eldar/dark-eldar, and if you made the point victory any faster the eldar would have a huge advantage in even that, since they have faster ships and can typically get the points fast in the beginning but they can't hold em, and by the time they kill the ship I put on each point, the battle is mine (even though they kill all my ships).