The new multiplayer is a step forward in the right direction to counteract the problems from the first BF1 game. The system for the game itself should be better to balance correctly then BF1 as well making it easier with the new skill set system. The only addition to the MP would be a better community side interaction similar to the drawn of war series; lobby area, area create public/private matches, DOW of style. Battle replays would be great addition too; many games of this type have such things. Individual ship names, bit clearer UI ship selection, knowing what race your opponent is before selecting your ships maybe useful, and save prompt when leaving fleet creation screen.
The small taste off the campaign though the prologue seems to give the impression you have develop the campaign with the same depth as the first.
If the you the developers can expand on the skirmish AI battles, so all the skills are available, and with making custom fleet 200-1200 etc, why not take the next step so you can chose what ships the AI takes. This could mean being able to use the large distinctive ships (like the phalanx) which have been excluding from multiplayer for balance issues, would be a bonus. Skirmish should be view as a test bed to run parallel with tactic problems you come across in Multiplayer and campaign. So should not affect MP.
You could also give an option of adding a separate progression model, for players who seem to be saying they miss that form of skirmish. As long as it is separate from the multiplayer experience and test skirmish you be appeasing both new and old fans alike.
Of course there is a ton of balance issues which many people are noticing, like the starburst mechanic for one. And maybe adding auto abilities back like torpedo fire etc... Or make it an option.
All in all good fun, looks, sounds better then the first, just need balancing, and adding a few options too make both fans happy.
Keep up the good work.