I've been watching quite a few videos for the Dark Eldar and i've noticed a few issues with some aspects of them. Obviously this is a beta so i'm not complaining about them, but they are things that can hopefully be addressed before the final release.

Firstly the ship classes and names aren't very "Dark Eldary". The ships lack actual names and are just named for the Kabals, hopefully this is a place-holder but they really should have their own class definitions like Torture-class Cruiser or Corsair-class Cruiser. Also the auto-generated names of the Dark Eldar vessels are just Craftworld Eldar names like 'Dancer of Asuryan' and 'Remembrance of the Path'. Dark Eldar ships need names like 'Ecstatic Agony', 'Glorious Arrogance', or 'Hand of Vect'.

Secondly they don't have the right symbol on their starting grid, instead having a Craftworld Eldar symbol.

Thirdly some of their abilities clash with the lore a bit. Razorwing Bombers isn't quite accurate as Razorwings are the Dark Eldar's jet-fighters, their bombers are termed Voidravens. Another one is their speed up ability titled Wraithbone Shift, Dark Eldar do not use Wraithbone since it's a material that requires psychic ability to manipulate and they have no psychic ability anymore.

Just a few things i've spotted. Other than that the faction, and game as a whole, is looking damn sharp. Can't wait to see more!

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