Marco Weapons - Range vs Accuracy Efficency

It seems wierd to me that the plasma macro battery has a longer base range, 18000 units, yet has the same efficiency accuracy scaling with range as the normal macro battery when the range for this is only 9000 units. (see screenshots below)


This doesnt really make sense as it means that althoug the plasma battery is supposedly longer range, it has the same accuracy scaling as the shorter range standard battery. Lookging at the chaos ships as well this seems to be the case for all forms of macro battery - regardelss of the base range the efficency scaling is the same.

It's definitely is a bit weird, but it's nice to be able to use plasma macros at that range at all. Long range is supposed to be a lance game but unfortunately the fact that they hit with 100% accuracy at any range seems to be their only redeeming quality, they are otherwise pretty terrible IMO. If accuracy for plasma macrocannons were to be improved then there would be absolutely no reason to have lances at all, and the game would just turn into one giant macrocannon spam; more so than already. Chaos lance boats would be replaced by the Chaos gunboats in all things much like what's happened with the Imperial Navy.

@cpt-trajan I agree regarding lances vs maco, but what confuses me is the efficiency accuracy - is states 20% accuracy for the standard macro at 18000 units - but this is beyond its range, so what does this mean? I'd always assumed that the stated range was all about identifying the break even point - i.e. the range at which you have 50% chance to hit? Or with the standard macro do you just do no damage at ranges beyond 9000 units, even though you may have a 20% change to hit???

Sorry, I didn't look closely enough at the image. It IS strange. Although I can actually answer your question about that. I decided to make a fleet entirely out of Retribution battleships and use them in a bow to stern line throughout an entire battle against Chaos for the lolz. Even without lock on, if the batteries hit, the enemy ship would take damage. With lock on, which is a stance which you can use throughout the entire match now, they actually worked better than Chaos's lances at long range; I won pretty handily only losing about 2/3s the health on my leading Retribution without any notable damage to my other ships. This is why I think lances need to have better crit chances, so that they are actually viable alternatives.