[Feedback] No hull repair with emergency repairs

Why dont emergency repairs actually repair the hull anymore as well as stopping fires and removing temporary critical effects? This removes what was in my opinion a very appropriate tactic which was to try and disengage a ship from the fight to allow it to repair before brining it back into combat - this is not possible now. Please bring it back.

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I'm pretty sure that they did that largely in order to make the Necron's ability unique, but as it is it's to under powered and the teleport can be used to infrequently to make it really worth it. If the repair rate of Necron ships were increased a bit and maybe most factions given a small hull repair rate, then everyone could be happy. I also agree with you on hit and run being a very viable tactic; it's how I used my Chaos gunboat fleet in BFGA 1, it actually worked just as well as my lance fleet if not better on a good day despite Chaos's reputation as a kiting only fleet.

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I agree to both of your comments, we need hull repairs back in game. Tyranids should have a slow, but constant "heal" aswell. And possibly given a skill/trait to increase this healing, perhaps even as a subfaction unique.

I am fine with it just how it is right now. Ships shouldn't be able to repair their hull in battle. There is a reason why it is unique to the Necrons, and it should probably be given to the Tyranids, too. But that's about it.