[Feedback] Some UI and Quality of Life Suggestions

Some things I've noticed about the UI and other parts of the game that make things a litte harder than they need to be, or reduce the immersion in what I hope will be a fantastic 40k game:

  1. Can you bring back the individual ship names in the ships lists during the battle - this is realtivly simple but improved the connection with your fleet / immersion.
  2. Multi ship selection - it is not very celar in the UI which ships have been selected, the first ship is clearly highlighted, but the additional ships selected are not obvious at all.
  3. Could tool tips or somthing similar be added for fighers and bombers - I really like how these are highlghted when pressing the ALT key, but it is hard to then tell what they actaully are.
  4. In multiplayer knowing what race your oponent is BEFORE slecting you ships would be really useful - otherwise neither can tailor their ship selection based on the strenths and eaknesses of their oponent - it just a "random" fleet selection (baring personal preferance on tactics). As an exmple when fighting Orcs with Imperial Navy I always go for long range tactics to avoid ramming - I cant do this if I dont know I'm going to be up against orcs!
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I haven't played any multiplayer yet but if you can't tell what faction your opponent is it would definitely make things pretty annoying. If you accidentally try to use an Imperial Navy close-in brawler fleet against factions that are just better at it, battle results could be pretty weighted toward the guy with the dedicated brawler faction.

I'd also add to this list - a save prompt when leaving the fleet creation screen. I dont know how many times I've selected a fleet, given it a name, and then left the screen forgetting to save!!!

Some good suggestions but I am solidly against seeing your opponents faction prior to a game, that encourages tailoring and getting the best fleet to beat that person rather than a take all comers list, it also adds a further disincentive to newer players who do not know the game well enough yet to tailor against specific races, leading to them being stomped and crying X faction is OP.

I would like to add my own small quality of life suggestions.

  1. I do like how the battle UI takes up less screen space, but I would really like it if each faction's UI down there had it's own feel to it like they did in BFG Armada 1. The Big Red Button for the Orks needs to be a Big Red Button. It's just one of those little flavor things that I loved from the first game.

  2. Whoever thought up the name "Krumpin' Zones" for the Orks anti-asteroid upgrade needs a raise because when I first read that I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. It's brilliant and DON'T YOU DARE change it.

  3. I agree with the ability to name individual ships in a custom fleet. It's part of the immersion that Edwarddod mentioned that I loved about the first. Also feels necessary because you better believe I've got my tabletop ships named.

  4. I disagree with seeing your opponents faction before selecting your ships in random games. It's best to prepare for all comers, not min/max against a specific opponent.