[Feedback] Forced Multiplayer

I wrote this in the quick start guide but have decided to make this a bit more of an official report. In order to level up to get skills or upgrades, you have to play multiplayer. I do not like multiplayer in anygame, ecpecially RTS, so this feels unfair to me and I am sure it feels unfair to others who do not like multiplayer. I hope this can be addressed with an ai skirmish mode that is unrelated to the multiplayer leveling (AI skirmish mode level 5 of necrons-multiplayer mode level 0 necrons(cause i don't like multiplayer 🙂 ))
I thank you for your time and hope this addressed before launch, the second beta, or (depending how hard that would be to implement) before the end of this beta.

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I've already cancelled my pre order for this game due to this reason.

Unlike others I am not going to cancel my pre-order over this, but I would like to add in my two cents.

If you are simply the type that either prefers only skirmishes, or co-op vs AI, locking certain abilities behind multiplayer-only leveling is not fair to them. That was not the case in BFG Armada 1 and I see no reason for it to be the reason here.

I would make a suggestion.

I would like it if all upgrades could be available right from the start if you are playing either skirmishes, co-op vs AI, or non-ranked multiplayer. Sometimes you just want to hop on after a day of work and play a few rounds with a friend, or against a bot to unwind. I know that's certainly the case with me. Having abilities locked behind multiplayer only leveling is not fun in such a scenario. I would leave the leveling lock-outs to ranked play only. I personally have no interest in ranked play at all, but I know there are plenty out there who enjoy that kind of thing and they like the extra challenge. Leave the leveling lock-outs for them, while those of us simply looking to unwind or have fun with friends can have the whole range of abilities and upgrades.

@warmasterancaris WarmasterAncaris idea is reasonable and I see no reason why it can't be implemented easily and quickly. Honestly a lot of players want the old campiagn skirmish style for AI battles like in BGA1.

i wouldnt be surprised if the lockouts were removed entirely after the beta period... i think they are trying to push player in the ranked direction for whatever data they are trying to collect over the beta period.