stop ruining weapon viewmodel,we are not all VR players or Squad players.

After December 7th game update,all weapon iron sight viewmodel getting smaller,I know this will make game more realism.
but you said you will release the game on ps4/xbox console too ,why you make the weapon viewmodel so small?The console player will not like the small weapon viewmodel fps,look the cod bf1 bf5 ,and they have option to change the scale.
in insurgency2 ,player can change their weapon viewmodel scale form 0.7 to 1.3.
We want this faction in sandstorm too,this will make every sandstorm player comfortable.

![alt text](image url)0_1544349781069_2553af37-1a22-441d-92da-ed8f9b302140-image.png

look SQUAD team change the view back (up after/down before)
I dont know what they change(maybe scale or maybe Lens focal length) ,but they really think for player feeling

now look the sandstorm and insurgency2014
what have you done to weapon viewmodel ,we are not use VR to play ,you should consider the player eye balls to the screen distance ,not just the camera eye ball in game
why you forget that you done it before