I installed the game yesterday and went to play, very anxiously I might add. I already expected a memory hungry game due to previous experience with BFGA 1, but what I found was absurd.

The game allocated 7 GB for the INTRO! When it starts to load the prologue mission it uses a whooping 13.4 GB of memory ( only its process, not the system). That makes it UNPLAYABLE even with 16 GB of memory on the machine!

I am getting a little tired of so many developer studios programmers lazy approach to resource management. Some 8 years ago it would be scandalous if a game used 1 GB for loading the intro! It is not justified! There is not enough resources in the game assets to justify that.. it is just a case of BAD PROGRAMMING and no one paying attention to things like that. For the emperor's light.. I develop automatic CT scan diagnostic systems that load and operate on way more data that are not a third as memory hungry as this.. !

I would suggest that for the release it would be at least mandatory to be considered a professional work to revisit this issue.