Craftworld Eldar unable to be spotted

The flagship of my enemy was unable to be spotted even at almost ramming distance. At one point I landed and Auger probe on him point blank range, even with that it didn't spot him. ![alt text](0_1544162095572_Eldar Bug.PNG image url)

Did any ship ever launch an augur disruptor at you? A kind of bomb-like thing or explosion from the ship itself that looks kind like an expanding augur probe effect? That kills your view distance and what you're talking about sounds a lot like that.

Also, augur probes don't seem to detect anything within their radius if you just launch them point-blank. Probably for balancing so that ships that were disrupted couldn't negate it with a quick augur probe launch. Although that was back in the first game when every ship could have an augur probe, so it would actually probably be a little more fair if the augur probe could do that.

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I didn't see a status affect. If that's the case, dev's need to make that status visable.


It has been visible, for me at least. Your entire screen takes on a grainy picture quality to it. ...Or was that a radiation burst doing that?

Applys to all Eldar, seem to remain stealthed even up to ramming range, fighters, probes, nothing reveals them for longer than the second they are directly over them.

that was the radiation doing the grainy effect not the augur disruption idt it has any effect, possibly some kind of small icon over your ship like the first game but i havent noticed any.. are you sure it wasnt drukhari? their ships are 110% bullshit sit on them blasting them like crazy dropping bombers/fighters on them being less then 1k away ramming distance but HEYY theyre at full speed somehow with their engines blown up so they get to sit in stealth1!1!!!!1! derppp!!!! what sense does that make? probably what happened to you unless it was the actual eldar aederi or w.e theyre called

I play dark eldar, this was corsair. My apologies for the grain, it's a low resolution. I communicated with my opponent and he confirmed that I should have been able to spot it, that he didnt take auger disruption. I also spotted every other vessel in his fleet throughout the game with the exception of his flagship, which even when I rammed the blip, didnt get spotted. It was a ghost ship!