Hello Focus Devs.
I've been playing a fair bit of Tyranids lately and I've noticed that the ships are prone to stop maneuvering almost completely when within around half a hull length away from each other or other ships. This wouldn't be much of a problem with Chaos or the Imperium but with the up-close-and-personal style of the Tyranids it becomes very noticeable. It's not a massive problem but it's kind of annoying and it would be great if you could check it out if you have the time.

Also, on a somewhat more important note. Lances still seem to be pretty useless. I remember seeing a couple of articles about the Gothic and Lunar talking about how useless they are. If you look at the numbers, Macrocannons have both better damage and crit chances. While I understand that Lances also have a 100% hit chance, there are only half the number of them on any one broadside in addition to the other drawbacks making the roundly the worst weapon in the game. I'm not asking for some huge buff in there crit chances, that would make them OP. I just strongly believe after 660+ hours on the game (I regret nothing...) that it would make the game feel a bit more dynamic if the crit chances for Macrocannons and lances were switched: Macrocannons are the big damage dealers with somewhat low crit chance while Lances comparatively are better at dealing crits but low damage. This would make ships like the Gothic and Lunar very viable options for your fleet as well as preemptively making sure the Apocalypse will be able to live up to its name (with gunboat support of course) post-launch.

Sorry for the long post, but this is something that is a bit of a pet-peeve of mine. As much as I LOVE the Imperial Navy, it just gets a bit stale having nothing but Macrocannon gunboats in my fleet all the time.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to make this fantastic sequel, I haven't even been able to play the full campaign yet and its already looking great, it's easy to tell in everything from the informative and passionate dev-logs and interviews and the beautifully overdecorated flying cathedrals that are the ship models, that you guys put heart, soul, and maybe even an arm and a leg into making this game and I hope to be able to play it with my friends next year.

Edit: sorry for using tags when posting, I either misread or just forgot the directions regarding tags.

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