BamBam's Meme Fleet Fun Time

Hello everyone! I am looking into making meme fleets for the lulz. Hopefully some of my findings can bring you joy and your opponents bewilderment and frustration ! 😁

So far, this is what I have:

Orks- Asteroid Pelt
(Note: You apparently can't put your admiral in a rock ☹ )
2x Megarock, 1x big Rock, 1x Basha

You will get annihilated by mass nova, and patient people can simple grab the control points and avoid you. But I could beat Chaos fleets (in ranked) with this even when most of my turrets were knocked out first thing when I used lock on.

Tau Protector- Warp In Time (one of my opponents called this "Big Balls of Death")
(Note: Similarly, it appears you cannot put your admiral in auxiliary ship.)
4xKroot Warpsphere, 1x cruiser, 1x light cruiser

Again, you can get beat and beat BAD if someone just goes for the control points. But you can outlast just about anything head on. The warpsphires can manuvere like normal ships(Unlike BFG:A1), but still maintain the ability to do boardings at 360 degrees. Remember to take out those engines!

I may add more later...

Run full Avenger GC with IN in Reload stance for maximum Dakka. You can run three of those bad bois in 2v2 battles.

Get 11 dauntless MK2s with ap ammo and emissions dissipator and rush the enemy fleet as soon as the match starts with silent running.

Big balls of death was all me 😉

Haha yeah those things were scary to face! I spent the whole match running away 😛