I checked the forums and haven't seen the crash that is equivalent to mine but there's similar one with it being "Fatal Error," just different time and what is said when it happens.

This happens when I go to start any game (picture): Campaign and Battle with friends/AI. It's in the beginning, gives no chance to try and play. For Campaign, it freezes and crashes when it starts explaining the keys and movement (either zooming in or rotating the camera around). For Battle, it's after you try to do anything. Battle is almost right away while Campaign it'll work and load for a bit and then crash. The cut scene loaded fine for Campaign. Just mainly transitions from one to the other, which is understandable as it's loading everything. In the picture, I can't seem to find where it's located.

(Picture/File) I tried typing the entire thing and even looked through everything I can think it can be located. I validated game files, and if need be, I can uninstall and reinstall. I just wanted to get this out there and get some clarification.

Appreciate it for reading and hopefully giving a possible solution(s).

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Fixed the first issue, there was a hidden folder for Users, in which I fixed. New error has occurred.


If anyone knows or there's a known fix for this, let me know. Game got to the mobility portion then crashed in the Campaign. After that, it crashes as soon as the Iron Priest begins speaking.

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