Greeting guys,
So first of all I’m really liking the new game and I’ve been mainly playing ranked and I’ve got to say that the different factions all feel fairly unique and fun to play as (you do kinda have the realism of some however there’s usually enough to differentiate them apart).
The races seem fairly balanced from what I’ve played as and against, (however I do think the Necrons have to high troop value), and the tyranids seem to be a bit weak (however I think this is due to people not knowing how to play as them tbf).
There is also a very large gap it seems with identification, since the large ships can no longer run silent, once they are identified it makes them very very vulnerable especially to Tau or Chaos, and since squadrons now identify ships, you don’t need to take an Augur probe but just fly fights at the red blips at the beginning of the match to identify 80-100% of their fleet and blast em from afar.
But here are my things I would love to have in the future:

  1. Guns being shown, in BFG1 you could see the guns in battle and their ranges when you clicked on the ship, maybe I’m blind and haven’t seen this yet but this is something that is soooo sooo helpful.
  2. The level of customisation for the fleet like back in BFG1 would be awesome, or some sort of replica of that, I found one of the funniest aspects choosing MY ships and customising them to really be MY ships, unique and different to other players.
  3. Some little bug bears here but when you hover over the portrait (when you level up) make it tell you what it’s for Eg Craftworld Ulthwe ect. There’s also a couple of misspelling here and there (tyranid campaign saying ressources for example)
  4. (Idk if this is currently in the works or not since a couple of sub factions do have this Eg Thousands sons) Everyone subfaction to feel unique, giving them unique bonus’s, they don’t even have to be directly lore driven cause otherwise they will just feel like a colour change, maybe that’s their purpose but if everything was different the amount of replay ability and diversity would be immense and so much fun, however I understand how much time this would take.
    Sorry if this was long and I’ll probably add stuff to it later but just my two cents.
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