[Not a bug] Super ultra wide support 32:9

Super ultra wide resolutions 32:9

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Hi @oliverg,

this resolution will not be supported by the game but thank you for your input and support.

How about 3440x1440 ? Game looks terrible with lower resolutions on this monitor (21:9)

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Hello @Deschain,

at the moment supporting 21:9 resolution is not expected.

Wow, VERY shortsighted decision to not support these monitors. So many people have them now.

agree with @oliverg

many models of ultra-wide screens have just been released or will be released in early 2019. Even strategy games released in 2013, as Rome 2 total war, support this type of resolutions !

@focus_camille said in [Not a bug] Super ultra wide support 32:9:

at the moment supporting 21:9 resolution is not expected.

This is extremely disappointing 21:9 is a common resolution now days and to not support this resolution is unacceptable and lazy. I was about to purchase this game, Lucky for me I had the foresight to search the forums before wasting my money. I owned BFGA1 and was excited to play the sequel, not now. I intend to tell all my friends to not buy this game as you stopped supporting the original all to quickly and left it in an unbalanced state, now in BFGA2 you can't even support 21:9 a common resolution. This leaves me with no faith in the team at Focus and Tindalos that you will even put in the effort to remove bugs or balance the factions. Fix this and I may by the game, Or don't and I will watch the campaigns on Youtube and then forget about this game. I also own Space hulk, Blood bowl and Deathwing but I won't buy another game that is made by Tindalos or produced by Focus ever if you don't support 21:9.

I've got a partial solution of the problem for thoose who have ultra wide monitor:

go in User>App Data> Local > BattlefleetGothic2 > Saved >Config > WindowsNoeditor > GameUserSettings

change ResolutionSizeX= by your monitor resolution ( ex ResolutionSizeX=3840)
change ResolutionSizeY= by your monitor resolution ex ResolutionSizeY=1080)

Do the same for LastUserConfirmResolutionSizeX= ( 3840fo rme) and LastUserConfirmResolutionSizeY= (1080 for me).

Then re lauch the game

Animated images of the main menu are stretched, but the resolution is good for all menus and text.

In game image is not deformed, but there is a lack of zoom out !!

@Focus_Camille : I can not understand how a game released in 2019 may not be compatible with this kind of monitor, especially in view of the little development work that it requires. I was happy to play this strategy game in the vastness of space on my screen. It missed!!!!


this resolution will not be supported by the game but thank you for your input and support.

What a shame --> refund

@Focus_Camille I'm also disappointed to hear that 21:9 ratios will not be officially supported. I was able to run the beta at 3440x1440, I didn't have to edit the file, the game seemed to default to that resolution (probably because it was my desktop res), but it did not display the resolution in the graphics settings, the box was empty, and when I had tried auto-detect it stayed empty. I would really like to see official support for 21:9 resolutions.

@Molotov I was wondering why I could not zoom out much, never realised it was due to the unsupported resolution.

Bad move Tindalos.

Not supporting current resolutions no matter how unpopular they are just makes Tindalos look like an amateur developer. These things are fundamental and should have been taken care of in Alpha. Many players have ultrawide and some play on 3 monitors (myself I use 5040x1050 on three monitors).

This was available in Alpha but is now gone. There are ways around this and Unreal may be 'awkward' to setup this way (sometimes top and bottom of screen is clipped off but this is a +vert problem native to unreal engine itself and any developer worth their weight will support almost any and every crazy resolution out there and can resolve this issue.

Shame on you Tindalos for even coming out and stating that you won't be 'supporting' two of the aforementioned resolutions to try and nip this in the bud. We know its possible. You know its possible so to fob us off with this poor decision makes you as a developer look bad and upsets your customer base.

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This is how the game looks on triple monitors at 5040x1050. This is Alpha footage. Note how the top and bottom of the screen is clipped away. This is due to Unreal Engine and is because no care has been taken by the developers to ensure a correct aspect ratio is followed by the game engine. This can be manually adjusted in a config file. Game looks great and plays very nice on wide resolutions.





This is not the case at present beta however and now requires workarounds.

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This is possibly why a spokeperson for Tindalos states that widescreen resolutions will not be supported. The above was the beautiful. Prepare for the ugly:






Cutscenes, Menus and loading screens do not account for wider resolutions and this becomes very apparent on wider resolutions.

The issue here seems to be a case of priorities. Needing to deliver lots of content to a deadline corners are being cut and workload is being slashed wherever possible to deliver the game on time.

Tindalos pls, attend to what needs to be fixed and deliver us the resolutions when you have some time but please do not simply cast them aside and say they will not be supported just because it involves some less priority work. We want the game to succeed but we also want to be treated fairly as customers.