I wanted to report a fatal error that occurred during the game session. During a battle against Artificial Intelligence Necron vs. Orks unfortunately the game went into the crush. I report the error log I found in the App Data folder on my computer

bHideLogFilesOption = false
bIsAllowedToCloseWithoutSending = true
CrashConfigPurgeDays = 2

Everything happened during a ramming phase between two ships. But I already notice a certain lag. I used many Cairn ship skills against a ship to test its potential.
However in the Dxdiag file nothing was found, instead of the Crush Log that exists. Strange was not detected. In any case, I attach all the material you requested for these cases. I hope I have been helpful and that the problem can be solved.[0_1544142075568_Fatal Error and Crush during a Skirmish.rar](Uploading 100%)

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