More MP options

Hello Developers,

I'd love the MP to be more like Dawn of War when it comes to the game set up, player made rooms and an actual chat lobby would be great. Adding Spectator to the game would be amazing and battle save replays!

I agree, it would make the multiplayer scene more appealing.

Having the ability to save replays also could help with the Beta Testing. I've run into some strange ship behavior during some PVP matches, but due to the nature of the matches I was unable to pause the game and analyze what was going on before they went up in flames or the match was over, not to mention analyze what lead to such strange things happening.

These features would be appreciated but i can live without them for now

Larger fleet size options would also be great. There is no real problem gamewise with having larger fleets, since the game is scaled up alot in size. 1500 is not very impressive in this regard, rather 3000 as a max would let players experience far more epic battles, and let us fight in 2v2 battles at full strenght fleets.