[Info] 2 second freezes when ever i issue a command to a ship

every time i clip the mouse to issue a movement command or target something i get a 2 second odd freeze to the game. Does not freee when i click on enemy ships to look at their stats

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Hi, could you give us your PC configuration ?

@focus_tomw hi mate. very little tech know how so will pass on what i can. if you need more just give me a steer on where to find the info you need. so-
intel(r) core (TM) i7-6700 HQ CPU @2.60GHz

recently downloaded the latest NVIDIA driver as assassins creed odessey did and update and the game stopped working with out it.

Res 1920x1080
refreash rate 60Hz
bit depth 8 bit
color fomat RGB
color space standard dynamic range (SDR)

hope thats helpful but let me know if i can find out more

Can you give me the model of your graphic card and how much ram you have too ?