Replays and/or a spectate feature will be vital for the longevity of the community after release.

Games such as C and C generals and DoW2 Elite have a thriving mp community to this day despite the age of those games and a lack of dev support. One of the biggest reasons for this is the sharing of replays and the casting of good matches. BFG1 died pretty fast. There is a lot of reasons for this that I won't go into but one of the big ones was that there wasn't really any wider out of game community aside from a few of the most dedicated players. Replays would provide an avenue for wider community engagement and would do so without any management from the devs. We already have one person saying they are interested in casting and I can think of a few larger youtubers that would undoubtedly cast them if replays were implemented. The replays are also a great avenue for marketing by showing off how the game plays in practice with high level players as opposed to the more 'artificial' dev released content.


I've been wanting a replay feature since the last game. This game looks gorgeous and I want to be able to go back and see my victories (and get better)!

Yea I second this.

I tried to record some matches myself incase I ran into bugs so I could show that to the devs but gameDVR (or whatver windows inbuild recording thingy is called) cant record the game for some reason 😕

That said an inbuild function would add alot. Who doesent have that 1 in a million match sometimes or has that adrenaline inducing close call that they want to share with friends?

It would be really cool to have replays, so we could back over our games in slow motion.

Would love to see this added.

Right? It would be amazing. We need a ping function for 2v2 as well.

This Game cries for a Replay Function.

Do we really have to wait for a third game before we can finally see this ? 😑

I really agree with this. Actually we need a spectator mode. It would maybe bring the game to true competitve. But I still think it's not engaging and not balanced enough to hit that mark.


Replays and observer mode are essential features for RTS, not only they help the players themselves to get better at the game and learn more from their mistakes but they also help immensely with the longevity of the game (and that also translate into more profit in the future for the developers) by creating a community centered around entertainment (many RTS channels show high level replays and get anywhere between thousands to hundreds of thousands of views) as well as a tool that more expert players can use to analyze the game balance and teach players how to play or how to get into the game.

So at the very least there should be a replay feature before the official release and later on an observer one, but replays are a MUST have.

Absolutely. I am an avid fan of CoH2 and C&C Generals casts, mainly of the Generals Gentlemen (with whom I am actually in contact every now and then), AECoH and Tightrope Gaming. Especially the Generals Gentlemen do cast DoW2 sometimes. I talked with them about BFGA2 and while it is a bit outside their usual stuff, the cap point system and the general gameplay seems interesting for them to cast. Besides both being fans of Warhammer40k, of course. xD So a replay function would be highly beneficial to build a loyal following.

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