New scuttle damage seriously hurts boarding based factions like SM.

The only real viable SM build right now is mass stealth LC like it was before. However this build is unbelievably vulnerable to the increased damage from scuttling hulked ships. I don't know the exact number but it seems to be 400 at least damage. This is enough to take unavoidable damage through the SM LC shields of 200. I was playing a match against a chaos player and doing reasonably well until I went in for boarding after poking with torps and strike craft from range only to have two of his hulked ships scuttled 20-30 seconds apart and have my fleet essentially wiped from full health with a bit of fluff damage in between.

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dont waste your time wit boarding beyond doing your perma crit
tho there isnt really a system that can give marines an advantage when killed so dont really waste your time with that either
and never ever risk your fleets life with hulking a ship

pretty damn sad boarding is actually a bigger risk to the boarder then the fleet thats being boarded
while giving almost no advantage to the fleet that does the boarding

boarding is in a really sad state currently
it might sometimes seem powerful because there are a lot of people that dont understand any of the systems yet
but in fights between experienced people it does nothing except give a kiting fleet a guaranteed way of killing engines with a lightning strike

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It does seem scuttle damage is a bit too high rn. Boarders are forced to always have an escape plan when hulking, which just complicated things unceccesarily. Their damage should be reduced to what it was previously, so they can at least be absorbed by shields.

you have to be tighter with your fleet control. hulking does not happen on accident. if your fleet gets wiped out by two hulks, you messed up.

I managed to control my fleet well enough to get the drop on Chaos I just didn't think that the game had been changed so when I achieved my assumed win condition with ships that have less dps than a sword they would get unceremoniously blown the fuck up. How exactly do I control my fleet in a way where I can dive the chaos player and take his ships out of the fight without getting caught in scuttle range? If I hulk a ship then run I'm just going to get the shit blasted out of me. The whole SM play style revolves around attacking isolated targets at longer ranges before going in for a final dive and is purely dependant on boarding as they have the worst dps in the game. Now boarding is even weaker offence wise than it was in the invitational beta and comes with the risk of your ships getting nuked as a reward for managing to hulk an enemy ship which is the only way to actually take ships out of the fight as SM, great.

yea its not like you can aim for a system and win with marines
the -20% fire rate reduction from being on skeleton crew still leaves marines as the loser in any engagement
so thats their ideal situation and they dont stand a chance vs opponents who remember scuttling exists
just like the easiest way to win vs nids is drive a retribution in the middle of their fleet
as soon as they do what nids should do, hulk the ship, you have won because the scuttle will kill their fleet


first of all your goal is holding three capture points, not killing every ship. I won games with one escort left against several BS, because people went for my line ships on a merry chase, while I capped the map and used my remaining ships to undo his recapping process.

you went with LCs: you can dive in, use your skills and dive out. there is no need to move all your ships in at the same time or from the same direction, so that one hulk explosion hits more than one or two of your LCs. you are not focus firing, where you want to combine damage per second on a single target. if he can blast you running away, he would have blasted you staying put even without the scuttle. more importantly, there is no need for a final dive and a fight for the death, go for the cap points.

Scuttle damage does seem excessive, and unduly punitive toward factions that heavily employ boarding attacks like Space Marines and Tyranids. A reduction to more reasonable levels would seem to be in order, perhaps paired with a few tweaks to make ships less vulnerable to boarding to begin with to stop things like Tyranid Fleets just slaughtering battleship crews with ease in all instances. Perhaps a 'repel boarders' stance that boosts the resistance of a ship threatened with boarding and reduces troop strength losses? Being in that stance might effect fire rate and mobility for the ship since the crew are armed and at barricades ready to fight boarders rather than at their stations, makinfg it a trade off that requires some thought?

@Fosil Cap points should always be secondary to the actual fight as a design feature imo and I find excessively playing to them to be not very engaging anyway. He wouldn't have blasted me if I stayed because he would have had all his shit hulked lmao. And SM LCs seriously have less dps than a sword, if you want to go shoot chaos ships with them you can go have fun with that.

Scuttle needs a spool up time, so it becomes a zoning tool instead of a nuke. People shouldn't be incentivized to NOT hulk because scuttle is so devastating. That has nothing to do with cap points.

@brohanbroski I phrased it badly: "you are not focus firing" was meant not meant to say "you forgot to focus fire", but "you don't want to use SM LCs in a foucs fire manner, so there is no need to move them in all together in one move (except surprise maybe)".