Mutiny and Troop mechanics Feedback

Though some of it has been due to bugs, i'm really not enjoying the troop mechanics. So many games involve my ships losing all their troops in about 10 - 15 seconds or having to quash a mutiny to then have it revolt again incredibly fast. It just doesnt feel natural.

how are you people doing this
boarding is weak and useless
just lightning strike a troop back onboard and you have lost nothing
how is this giving problems
use rally and get the ship safe for a few moments
if you crush an insubordination and then go ram a hive ship without using brace can you really expect anything other then another insubordination to happen

I agree with the OP. Sometimes its so hard to see whats going on that it isent even funny. You lose ships without even seeing the reason for it.

How are you finding boarding to be weak and useless though? It kills ships in seconds if done right. You cant use rally if your ships crew just instantly vanish. Also why do you automaticcly assume that we are causing insubordination with rampant ramming?

Theres so many shit that could be going on that just assuming that the OP did something destructive is about the worst things that you could here.

@demoulius assault boats are easily countered with brace, getting in the 4500k range and hulking a ship leave you open to massive scuttle damage, and if you lost a ship to lightning strikes or the like you can easily recrew them with your own lightning strike. The penalty for troop loss is a 20 percent reduction in firing speed which is meager at best considering the effort you put into boarding actions.

Considering lighting strikes are limited for both players id say that hulking ships has merit. If nothing else you are ensuring that the opponent cant use them to attack you.

I personally dont see the whole 'brace makes you immume to everything ordnance' that I see people constantly saying. I get repeatedly harassed by things, either fighters tearing my turrets down or assault boats hitting my ships with ships braced and my ships together so they can combine turrets.

If I get a chance to play my nid buddy again il ask him some questions like how many things hes actually sending my way but generally I only see 1 marker which I cant for the life of me prevent from doing damage. Maybe hes stacking markers or something, I dont know....

@demoulius i dont know the exact numbers but if it takes you 5 lightning strikes to hulk a ship and it costs the other guy 1 to recrew it its a big net loss for you plus you have to knock down their shields and all that other fun stuff. not saying its not worth it to lightning strike just pointing out how broken assault actions in general are.

Each marker is one wave, its size is dependant on how many launch bays he has. If he is using the carrier hiveship then each marker has 7 squadrons of strike craft in it. Against larger groups of strike craft you can sit on brace, you have to actively micro the targeted ship away so both it and the surrounding ships have the time to shoot the strike craft down without it taking damage. I've shot down 7 stack waves doing this with only the targeted hip on brace.

How do you tell which ship is the target though if everything is blobbed up 😂

Also isent boarding significantly more effective then lightning strikes? Some factions in particular can dish out the hurt very fast with boarding actions...

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@demoulius boarding leave you open to massive scuttle damage

You can get an idea based on the direction the strike craft are travelling, I often take the ship I assume is the target and boost it away to see if their direction changes to follow it.

Only if you hulk it. And the player wants to hulk their ships. I personally try to recapture them rather then blowing them up.

But then again I also try to preserve my ships and seem to be the only one as I have yet to see another player care about the safety of his ships 🤣

@demoulius if you can do 400 damage to 3 or 4 ships thats pretty big trade up for you losing one thats already in a horrible position

Fair enough, thats a rather huge chunk of damage 🤔

Im going to be playing with a buddy tonight, guess we will experiment a little with the mechanic

against assault boats with their current behavior
have a spotter escort ahead of your fleet that cant be targeted because running silent
see what it is thats approaching
if interceptors, brace and run until the interceptors die, then you dont really need to worry but some action is required
if assault boats or bombers, no matter how many, can be fully stopped by a single interceptor squad because they try to dogfight the interceptors down instead of going for the boarding
you need multiple carrier ships to be any treat currently
and if using 2 of the 7bay hive ship that will make him a cripple in actual combat

None of you have called out the bigger issue with crew morale: You have absolutely no idea what's causing it.

As the OP said, it's ridiculously frustrating to have a ship mutiny back-to-back for a complete mystery reason.

As for boarding being overpowered, I'm not necessarily sure I agree with that, with the sole possible exception of the Tyranid tongue ability that drains ships in seconds. That one's pretty ridiculous.

fire on ship
allied ship death
admiral death (thats a big one)
unbraced rams
10 per crew lost
and then there are skills, like novas do additional morale damage ontop of the hull damage caused morale hit, psychic scream, imperial assassin

regenerates at 0.5 per second
starts at 1000 for everyone but traits like independent increase morale damage so equivalent of lowering the max to 750

@ashardalon said in Mutiny and Troop mechanics Feedback:

fire on ship
allied ship death
admiral death (thats a big one)
unbraced rams
10 per crew lost
and then there are skills, like novas do additional morale damage ontop of the hull damage caused morale hit, psychic scream, imperial assassin

regenerates at 0.5 per second
starts at 1000 for everyone but traits like independent increase morale damage so equivalent of lowering the max to 750

That's fine, but I mean in the match itself, you can't see anything. You can see it's at 150 (For example), and that's it. If we could see that it's crew lost causing it, for example, you'd know not to bother executing the captain during a mutiny, because it's going to cause an immediate followup mutiny. You could see if its a temporary effect, and to try and wait it out. You could see if the fire is what's causing it, and to maybe retreat and wait it out.

But currently, we have nothing to go on. Which is ludicrously annoying when you've got 20 other things to manage (And no tactical cogitator to slow things down), so I don't have time to investigate and play 20 questions as to why my ship has decided to mutiny in the middle of a fight. Just showing that information when we hover over the morale bar would solve all of that.

As I've said in other threads, I thought the whole point of abandoning the stylish UI from the previous and moving to the more "gamey" UI in this one was to make things easier to locate. Hiding information flies directly in the face of that, no?

its not a permanent effect
it has permanent regen
the -10 for crew lost it happens when you lose the crew, not after continuously
if a ship isnt getting shot at it will recover
if it is in hell it will insubordinate again
there are no permanent negatives except (i think but fairly certain) losing admiral and/or losing deck ship lowers max
all the rest is just what happens in the moment
if a ship insubodinates again right after, it was still getting shot at while it was watching its friends explode
there is nothing to show on the bar because there are no ongoing events
you would have a mile long list of "getting shot from all sides and im on fire" wich all the explosions against its hull and the fire icon ticking down on its health bar already show

best way is to use rally instead of execute since it gives a morale boost
use inspiring speech (or whatever its called) after you execute
or wait until its retreated out of the fight a little or atleast until you have moved ships to bodyblock the incoming shots

no info is hidden, it just doesnt work like you think it does
there is nothing to hide

Yeah we checked the scuttle damage this afternoon. Its bloody insane when you look at its AOE.

Its area needs to be smaller or the damage needs to go down. Or both....

Also am I the only one who think its strange that you can scuttle a ship after there is NOONE left on it? 😂 who are we sending the order to scuttle towards?

@demoulius personally i think it should be removed unless you use an ability slot for it.... maybe call it remote detonation and have it as a flag ship only skill.