Some trucks have incorrect balance points

The following trucks do not have any balance points and thus cannot be selected as starting trucks. If these are the only starting trucks for a map, that map cannot be played.

  • A-968M (zaz968m and zaz968m_blue)
  • C-4320 (ural4320)
  • C-65115 (kamaz65115)
  • D-535 (maz535)

In addition, the C-256 (kraz256) has only 1 balance point. It is very overpowered for only 1 balance point, so I assume that this is a mistake.

No bugs you've listed...hidden trucks are hidden trucks, and kraz 256 is a special vehicle to expand number of game styles.

I agree that these are probably not bugs, just design decisions. I do have my C-256 set to 2 balance points (my own tweak) which I think reflects its capability better.