Devs, i'm rooting for you. I love the game you've created. Yes, many things need to be tweaked, but waiting for your patch over the next 24 hours is like being a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. I'm hoping you blow the socks off of our expectations with this last polishing patch. I for one am proud to say I was a part of the testing phase. Which brings me to my next point. Thanks for letting us test your game! I've pumped 370 hours into this thing, and I've enjoyed 99% of it.

Maybe next time Epic Games can give you guys a heads up about their store, so you can keep more money for yourself 😉
If "due to overwhelming feedback from the open beta, we're deciding to push the release back another x months....." were to happen, i wouldn't blame ya! I'm sure you'd all put that money to good use.

Anyways, Cheers!