Scopes nearly game-breaking

As you can see here: (the ones that are very offset are the "Normal" setting ones).
You can see how misaligned the "Normal" setting is, and the "Picture in picture" is really blurry, it shows more when moving it, will try to upload a video.

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Please update your game as this issue (caused by combination of Normal scope quality and Supersampling) should now be resolved.

Yes it did get fixed, thanks! However the picture in picture (which I would like to use) is still blurry/fuzzy. I will try to upload a high quality video shortly to explain what I mean.

Here's a video of what's going on:
Youtube Video

As you can see the PiP scope is both not enveloping the entire scope (I'm assuming that's not a feature, because it's quite a disadvantage for using PiP), and when moving the camera while scoped in, it's very blurry and fuzzy.

mmmm i think there is something wrong with you game, try to reinstall it. this is the first time i see PiP so small. The fuzzy scope is from antialiasing maybe, don't use TAA.