overpriced tyranid escorts

did you include the assumption they have a scanner skill in the pricing?
because they dont
many cost double of ork escorts who do have the scanner skill
please reconsider, nids arnt very swarmy now and this makes even an escort swarm impossible
in the end you are just paying for a spore cloud when buying a nid escort, you shouldnt pay 40pts for that

@Ashardalon what is your impression about the nids in general? their ship list is a bit overwhelming for me 😞 .

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@Ashardalon what is your impression about the nids in general? their ship list is a bit overwhelming for me 😞 .

They've actually become one of my favourite factions. They're very unique to every other race there, with a lot of focus on spatial control: You can freeze or move enemy ships, you have area denial options out the wazoo, and they can scare enemies away from coming at them head on, because they can be extremely fast and agile for a little bit. Nothing is funnier than watching some poor Eldar/Dark Eldar come at you head on (Because their weapons only fire forward) before getting stupid fast and eating half their fleet in one go.

best nids are those that never hulk a ship, boarding is in a pretty bad position right now
you need to board to kill systems, but never hulk because scuttling will do more damage to your fleet then the boarding did to the enemy, because nid range is in scuttle explosion range
crew numbers need more relevance, 40k ships dont have automation so a skeleton crew should do more then 2 crits and a pathetic -20%firerate, it should have a significant inflence on all systems, speed firetare turning speed, scanner range everything
or just a much bigger effect then -20, a -75% or -150% would be way more appropriate, this would also help marines dps problem because a boarding crippled ship will actually be someting a marine ship could then deal with
dont waste the points on hive ships, their guns never hit
jaw nids are amazingly fun
but using the hook tentacle (dont waste your time with the feeding tentacle 6 crew damage over 18 seconds) can also be pretty amazing burst damage

they are vulnerable to carriers tho, their shields can get shot down leaving them open to bombers
a faction like eldar that you cant catch easily can become a problem like that
tho there is something wrong with map generation right now, there are very few clouds to regain stealth
more clouds or asteroid fields would make nids a lot better

dont waste your time with carriers
their interceptors are slow and not really good for anything and because nids only have assault boats for offense means they never get charges back like you would using for example eldar bombers on a nid ship with its shields down
add to that that nid assault boats have 300(i think) speed makes it so that they cant even catch some(most) ships while they are boosting

its all about stealth honestly, if you can ambush your enemy you can sneak up on them and suddenly rush forward and bite nids can be amazing
you do need to restealth after that wich can be difficult with current map generation only giving one cloud per map
... or none
also a problem with that idea is that nids dont have scanners or any real other way of stealth detection
cant really use interceptors because it will give away your carrier with their origin point
and the aim stance, the nid lock on, gives detection range, but it does nothing to improve scanner range so again, no anti stealth
so counter stealth can be hard to fight unless you almost accidentally run into them

all in all they are a lot of fun, but cant really call them good

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@ashardalon Tyranids come stock with immunity to damage from asteroid fields, so could you use them, to regain stealth if there aren't enough gas fields about?

yes you could, just need to stop in them for a moment
can also stop in a spore cloud to regain stealth making spore cloud the best skill to put on your admiral for everything

@ashardalon I hadn't considered using spore cloud for that. Interesting.

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@ashardalon I hadn't considered using spore cloud for that. Interesting.

they are slightly more dangerous asteroid fields
sadly this also means enemies using asteroid protection upgrade or demiurg ships are also immune
🤔 not sure if they can mine them for laser charge