Rubberbanding and Desync Issues with SA

I used to be able to play alongside my friends in south america ( either I would join them or they would join me) with around 160-220 ping and no noticeable issues besides the obvious ping difficulties.
However, since the last patch, any attempt to play together is just a nightmare. You will get huge amounts of rubberbanding and disconnections from the servers. the hit detection is completely off and you'll have delays of 1 to 2 seconds between firing and hits registering.
this happens with the same ping ranges as before (160-220).

Can you look into this?

thank you

@snakelegionnaire Lol I can’t stand anything over 100 ping.. Just me tho.

Ohhh so that's the word I'm searching for "Rubberbanding" I'm having the same problem as well, but i have really good ping tho which is weird (5~10).